Treehouse Chronicles cover with stickers

Treehouse Chronicles has been extensively reviewed and the endorsements have been universally glowing. Here is a selection:

One of the “Best Outdoor Books of 2005”
Ron Watters, Professor of Outdoor Education, Idaho State University; Chairman, National Outdoor Book Awards

“The dream, subtly floating on each page is, well…everything. Enchanting.”
Judson Hale, Editor-In-Chief, Yankee Magazine and The Old Farmer’s Almanac

“A very satisfying work of art—a book by a writer about the place he created to write books.”
Garrison Keillor, creator of A Prairie Home Companion and The Writer’s Almanac

The book shows “an intimacy that is so rare in any kind of publishing nowadays.”
Paul Kallmes, Design and Artistic Merit judge, National Outdoor Book Awards

“A rare and wonderful book. Easy to love.”
Jay Parini author of One Matchless Time: A Life of William Faulkner

“…childlike, in all the finest senses of that word.”
Bill McKibben, author of Wandering Home, and The End of Nature

“The book, like the building process itself, is part vision-quest, part how-to, part meditation on nature, family, and community.”
Jenny Donelan, Boston Globe

This “book inspires us to follow our own dreams.”
Margo Hammond, St. Petersburg Times

“A memorial to the untamed spirit of childhood.”
Harold McFarland, comments from 2005 second place award in biography, Reader’s Preference Choice Awards

“…a shelter for what is most precious to realize and most difficult to make—a living dream.”
Michael Collier, Director, Bread Loaf Writers’ Conference

“Every once in a while a book comes along that takes your breath away.”
Dana Blozis,

“The book is so accessible that the reader becomes almost a collaborator.”
Orrin Judd,

“In a world rife with struggles, this book gives people a chance to step away and remember that life can be simple and good.”
Tom Elliot, book editor, Mensa Bulletin

“A beautifully illustrated book about a great adventure.”
Thomas Harper, The Review

“Peaceful and thoughtful.”
Anne LaBastille, author of Woodswoman IIII

“Delightful, funny, and almost  mystifyingly touching.”
Mike Corrigan, Bridgton News

“Readers will not only rejoice…but also will perhaps decide to follow a few dreams of their own.”
Gail Cooke,, top ten reviewer

“A beautiful book that  made me laugh out loud, shed a tear, and turn page after page.”
Tedd Benson, author of Timberframe: The Art and Craft of the Post-And-Beam home

“The reader gains a new best friend.”
Pete Nelson author of Treehouses: The Art and Craft of Living Out on a Limb

The author is an “outdoorsman and visionary” and his “enthusiasm and determination is contagious.  This book is for everyone who dreams.”
Tammy Petty Conrad, Reader Views

An “elegant coffee table tome of memories and thoughtful essays. Outstanding”
Rebecca Brown,

“This isn’t just any old treehouse. This is a work of art.”
Susan Sharon, Maine Public Radio
Lewis is an “arboreal architect…bring(ing) ingenuity and a passion bordering on obsession”
Jim Gorman, Popular Mechanics

“A whimsical story with plenty of derring-do.”
Denise Hart, Accent Home & Garden

“(A) journey in words and illustrations that may inspire our own lofty dreams.”
Writer’s Notes Magazine, 2006 Notable award, Art

A “magical mosaic.”
Rebecca Johnson, The Rebecca Review, Amazon Top Ten Reviewer

“This is the most fun I expect to have reading a book this year.”
Donald Mitchell, Amazon Tope Ten Reviewer, management consultant

“…artistically exciting to view and articulately insatiable reading. One of the best books I’ve ever read.”
Cheryl Hurst, Managing Editor, Spencer County Leader, Indiana