Treehouse Chronicles, our book about the building of an enormous timberframe treehouse in the Maine woods, has been named as finalist for a Nautilus Book Award in the catagory of Art/Specialty/Gift. If the book wins, this will be its 9th national book award (see the awards page).

Treehouse Chronicles cover with stickers 

According to the award’s sponsor, Marilyn McGuire & Associates, Inc., The Nautilus Awards are give to those books that “contribute to our society’s awareness and well-being, and that embrace spiritual and ecological values such as compassion, sustainability, simplicity, and global peace.”

We are honored to be named finalists for this award and hope that the publicity that comes with the award will help the book’s sales. Although widely and critically acclaimed, sales of Treehouse Chronicles have been poor. It’s very hard for a tiny publishing company such as ours (TMC Books) to compete with the publishing juggernauts.  

You can find out much more about the book–and how to buy it–by traveling around this blog, or visiting our web site, TMC Books, or by going to Thank you for visiting.