wind 10.26

Each year, on or about October 15, the weather patterns change here in Maine and we start to get strong storms coming down from Canada. They come in as charging gales from the northwest, sometimes with wind gusts over 60 mph. Last night was the first of what will be many gales that will blow through here this winter, and they make me nervous. The treehouse creates a huge sail area and with all that square footage facing Quebec I worry that a big enough gust may blow the tree over. I wrote about this in an essay in Treehouse Chronicles titled: I Hate Wind. Here is an excerpt:

On a cold bleak morning near the end of January, I was sipping tea anxiously as gusts wrenched the crown of my tree back and forth. These were plain declarative gusts and I hated them. After one excruciating bellow that seemed to move the house, I heard the unmistakable sound of sheet metal roofing creaking, rending, and flapping. I stared hard at the treehouse roof but saw nothing. The hideous sound continued. I cocked my head and stepped to the left and this small shift changed the acoustics just enough for me to identify where the wounded metallic sound was coming from. I was relieved. Karen came into the room just then. “What’s that awful screech?” she asked. “Oh everything’s fine,” I said cheerfully. “I was afraid the treehouse roofing was coming apart but luckily some roofing on the garage has blown loose.”