It began snowing this morning at half past nine. Big, fat, lazy flakes. Even though they melted when they hit the ground, I still hated them. I’m just not ready for winter. I still have a window to replace at the back of the house and a horse stall to finish in the barn. I was hoping I would get a couple more weeks to work on these projects without blowing on my fingers.

The treehouse, however, is ready for the cold and wind. The only big job to do this fall was to clean up the coal stove and replace the chimney. I did this a week ago on a warm day in the sun. I wire brushed the stove, gave it a new coat of stove polish, and fired it up to bake the polish on. Then I tore out the old stove-pipe (easy since it fell apart in my hands) and tossed it down two stories to the ground. The new stove-pipe went in easily (with the help of friends–it’s the type of job you need more than two hands for) and now I’m all set. I didn’t spend as much time as I hoped in the treehouse this summer, but that always seems to be the way it goes.  At least now, when those big flakes come back and the blowing cold comes down from the north, I’l be able to climb up into my house in the sky, build a warming fire, and read a good book while the storm rages.